The Muted Abode: “A 890 sqft, Mumbai Home, by Design Firm Bric n Rug Design Studio”

Source: Housethome

The residence rightly coined as ‘The muted abode’ is a representation of what’s possible to create using a very simple palette of colours, finishes, and materials. It embodies the family’s simple lifestyle but doesn’t shy away from a vivacious statement. The clients wanted a home that’s sophisticated and modern that led us to conceptualize the project in a rich contemporary theme with a material palette of stone, metal, and mirror that complement each other making an expansive abode.

The house encompasses a living room, a dining area, a kitchen, and two bedrooms. The living room overlooks the beautiful view of the Arabian sea. The pure white walls, ceiling, and grey floor create a relaxing and airy atmosphere. The tinted brown paneled mirror behind the sofa is strategically used to add depth and light to the living area. The chesterfield sofa is beautifully upholstered in an irresistibly soft-to-touch velvet fabric, pairing up with two poufs and a stylish rose gold-plated center table.

The challenge here was the layout lacking a space confined to a dining setup. Also, it had a semi-enclosed balcony which was originally an unused space. Taking advantage of this space we transformed it into a dining area with the feel of a balcony by adding a hammock, the focal point being the exposed dark ceiling with white rafters and suspended pendant lights composing a zestful statement.

The choice of colour in the kitchen is soothing and refreshing with the aim to celebrate the calmness of the unobstructed view of the dense foliage from the window with the natural light pouring in.

The master bedroom is furnished with soft colour tones with subdued contrasts for a more intimate and delicate look and feel. The captivating element for us in the room is the two-levelled headboard instead of a conventional tall backdrop. The chevron-pattern backrest fabric echoes over the middle shutter of the wardrobe minimizing the use of additional textures and materials.

The other bedroom shared by the two daughters evokes a distinct trait in the theme, introducing an elegant blush pink hue in the backdrop with dramatic lighting amplifying a modern vibe.

We wanted all aspects of the house to work together to create a cohesive aesthetic from the use of a neutral palette to enjoy the surrounding lush greenery to the interior details with mild contrasts.

Design Firm : Bric n Rug Design Studio

Photo Credits : Biju Gopal



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