“The Sparrow Nest” : A 2,400 sqft, Hyderabad Home by Manikath Chava

Source: Housethome

The common focal point of this 2,400sqft apartment is to keep the decor stylish with different colours and also by giving some traditional touch. We opted for fine colours in the living area and further added wood and veneer to give the space warmth. In the children’s bedroom, the colours are vibrant yet functional, and the children love for avengers can’t be missed.

We thought of creating warm and cozy guest bedroom by opting those colours. The master bedroom is a combination of patterns, brighter colours, lights, layering. The scale of the texture play an important role in creating bright and vivacious spaces. “shares Manikanth Chava @manikanthchava
Interior styling : Basil Leaf
Photo Credits : Inclined Studio