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This Bengaluru home’s design is inspired by Sri Lanka’s Tropical Modernism

Source: beautiful homes india

When homeowner Radeesh Shetty approached Kavya Sheth of Studio Ruh, he had a one-line brief for his abode’s design — to make it like a home in Sri Lanka. Being personally inspired by Sri Lankan architecture- Shetty who is the founder and director of Beruru, a Bengaluru-based garden lifestyle brand said “Sri Lankan architecture is what I wanted my home to reflect. It is designed with the intent of allowing maximum amounts of natural light to filter through the large windows, creating an open flow in the layout and retaining the original mosaic terrazzo floor.” It is therefore not surprising to find planters big and small throughout the home, a trait that Shetty imbibed from his childhood and merged it with the overall design aesthetic of Tropical Modernism.This 1,750-square-foot residence which is tucked in the bylanes of Indiranagar, and is spread across two levels. The lower one features the living room and two bedrooms, while the upper floor is home to a spacious terrace. It is described as an oasis of calm and curious souvenirs.



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