Artist, Anupam Pal : The Housethome Curated Art Series

Source: Housethome

Anupam Pal is from Jamshedpur and has dedicated himself to the creation of Indian style painting with exclusive styles and ultimate forms. He is a rising artist with an absolute zeal for redefining the culture of artisanship. Since the time Anupam took up the art, he has been creating a myriad of exquisite paintings. The reflection of his visionary shades and the brush strokes can be seen in his DIAM ART painting and spiritual art Paintings.

The artist’s dynamic thought process is reflected through his abstract ‘Radha Krishna’ painting. ‘Conservation’ is another ultimate contemporary piece, which visualizes and explains conservative thoughts of the society related to women. Anupam uses a vibrant colour palette on the canvas to reflect mixed moods of his subjects.

For serious enquires of Interest in this Artist’s work, kindly email us at or call us on 9118115511.



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