Artist, Somnath Bothe : “Colorful, Natural, Vibrant & even Nostalgic at times.”

Source: Housethome

Visual Artist Somnath Bothe, Born in 1982 in a small village Paithan of the District – Aurangabad, Maharashtra & worked in a city (Pune, Maharashtra) as an artist. He obtained Diploma in Art from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune, from Mumbai University. He was a Gold Medalist in the Royal Academy, National Level, Gulbarga, and Karnataka, also a Gold Medalist in the National College Student “Varnika Manav Sanket”, Ujjain and Silver Medalist of the National College Student “Kalawart Nyas” again in Ujjain.

Somnath began his journey in the art field by painting landscapes and portraits. When he dug deeper into the world of art, he reached the sensitivity and intent of the paintings as an artist is believed to be. As he spent his entire childhood in the village he realised his close relationship and belongingness with the village.

Just like every artist has their inspiration derived from something, his inspiration have always been nature and humility. But life had more to offer to the artist, as when he started living the city life and with his higher education, he felt new sensitivities and understandings, which was a blend of different environments and cultures which automatically flowed into his paintings.

You will witness his paintings are colorful, natural, vibrant and even nostalgic at times. Owing to his sensitivities and serene nature, his paintings are also very subdued and calming.

Somnath Bothe’s designs and creations represent an ecstatic blend of varied geographies and cultures thanks to his experiences and his sense of grabbing things in the nature as they are.

He has his own way showing his formations and concept. The color schemes which are modern and flashy used by him are very smartly used to convey the importance of historical places. You can actually see the historic places in rain in his paintings. And therefore his paintings are not merely a technique for him, but also the route for his heart to express his emotions.

His subjects of work are the passion for cherishing humanity, love and affection of nature, the fusions of village and also the city life, however, folk human figures find a dominant place in most of his paintings and artworks.

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