Artist, Nitin Ghangrekar : His art works depict “holy souls merging in divinity”.

Source: Housethome

The sequel series titled ‘Gurukul’, then emerged to showcase the roots of Indian tradition, and is truly some amazing work of art, that showcases his talent so beautifully. “Gurukul” theme of Paintings “Gurukul” the way of life which embodies a cosmic vision to acquire the real essence of knowledge and harmony with nature.On my travel to a ‘Gurukul’ I was fascinated to see children studying ‘Ved’ and various other aspects in the rich Vedic traditional way…Which inspired me to paint the ‘Gurukul’ series of Paintings.

I love to capture through my imagination and paint the children’s innocence and mischief combined with their vivaciousness, which carries me to an altogether delightful state. Every moment is interesting and there is a movement in every moment. The canvas encompasses vast horizon of life representing tradition in the form of beauty, growing and merging itself in its movement. it extends and streamlines itself into present where tradition and modernity meet each other. There is a joy in sharing those moments, when the cadence of the flute still reverberates in the atmosphere. The innocent & playful Boys share their happiness and love with everyone and the Peacocks, Cows, Parrots, Rabbits…. too.

The canvas awaits to fill itself with captivating expressions and refreshing moods.

Their striking saffrons robes with blue body tone reflects their calm and blissful nature in harmony. The Luxury of leisure with cherished memories of a caring bond of playful childhood, where simple moments of togetherness seem special. In the ‘Gurukul’ the young ‘Shishyas’ ( students ) are immersed in learning the Vedic knowledge in their silence and simplicity. I loved to paint the Gurukul Boys Entrance in Devotion while Performing Arati of their beloved lord. With great devotion they recite and chant the holy ‘Shlokas’, experiencing the bliss, they sing hymns in the divine atmosphere of the temple. They express the pure joy in devotion and play the melodious flute and soulful music on different instruments too. The vibrant colours in a pure form also seem to be eager to spread, mix and mingle smoothly conveying the essence of happiness, energy and pure joy. One rejoices the eternal flow of devotion in splendid silence. This manifestation of love has enhanced my creative urge to portray it with that ease of spontaneity and creativity, merging and emerging on the vast Canvas of life.

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