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Looking for classy home decor pieces or perhaps, some nice, decorative gifts to ring in the festive season? Memoire in Koramangala is where you should head to. This almost-hidden shop has everything from silver-plated crockery to idols. Their decor pieces are a perfect addition for your living room or dining room.

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Tucked away amid the lush greens of Shanti Niketan, Aradhana Anand’s studio, Limon, is an exotic paradise of wingback chairs. A perfect nostrum for the otherwise boring upholstery we find everywhere, Limon brings to you the magical prospect of turning chairs into a piece of art, made to steal everyone’s attention.

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Sometimes you just want to give your home a little bit of a makeover. A new throw pillow here, a cool mirror there, some added storage, and maybe even a plant or two. But all of these things add up — not to mention, stopping in all your favorite stores to find exactly the right things takes a lot of effort, too. 

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Much has been talked about Mumbai’s vibrant art galleries and the thriving art scene in the city. Taking a leaf from its cosmopolitan sister city, Navi Mumbai is also warming up to art connoisseurs to display its colorful side. From sculptures, paintings and graphic modern art, there is a lot to explore at Navi Mumbai’s art galleries.

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Every state of India has its own charm. Each state represents unique culture, art & vibrancy. This diversified beauty of India has even kept foreigners mesmerized for years and they still swear by. Even I am constantly exploring but I don’t have to travel across India to see different hues of it.

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I love having plants at my home! Agreed, I have had some troubles and mishaps, and quite a few succulents have sacrificed themselves to my cause, but I can’t help trying to make my surroundings greener. What I would love to own though, is all of these designs that beautifully marry everyday products with plants.