6 rooms into 1: Morphing an Apartment, packs 1100 sq ft into 420!

Source: Kirsten Dirksen

In 2010, we met Graham Hill- the founder of and a serial entrepreneur. He had just bought two tiny apartments in a century-old tenement building in Soho and he had plans to turn them into laboratories, and showcases, for tiny living. He’d spent most of the past year living in tiny spaces- “a tiny trailer, a tent, and then a boat” and he was convinced others would love it as much if small spaces could be designed right.


Tommy Hilfiger Gives a Tour of His Miami Fun House : Architectural Digest

Source: Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest talks with legendary fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and his wife, Dee, at their vibrant Martyn Lawrence Bullard–designed mansion just outside of Miami. Hilfiger says that the Floridian home is their “fun house”. Dee notes they wanted to their house in Florida to be an escape, adding that the estate is a fantasy beach house. Both Bullard and the Hilfigers describe the style as shockingly unique, groovy, and funky with a mad vibe.

Source: Freshome

We live in a time unlike any other. With so many technological advancements at our fingertips, our lives are made easier, which is fortunate considering the fast-paced lives most of us lead. In recent years, great strides have been made in making homes a bit more “tech savvy.” This technology, in short, allows the homeowner to run his or her home while away through a remote, often on a Smartphone or iPad.

Source: Tech Report

Americans have shown they’re more than ready for smart homes. Unfortunately, hackers have as well. As the smart home market’s world leader, the U.S. is also home to an alarming number of horror stories: From baby monitors to “smart” locks to lightbulbs, insecure devices have compromised millions of connected homes. 

The truth, frankly, is that connected device security hasn’t kept up with the pace of product development.


Extreme Homes : Bond Style Villa !

Source: Naked Science

A hideaway cool enough for a secret agent hidden high up amongst the clouds above Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Footage from the 2012 television show, “Extreme Homes”. The word “extreme” means different things to different people, and to these homeowners it means pushing the envelope as far as possible. From construction to completion, take an up-close look at some of the world’s most spectacular houses ever built.


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