“Serene Abode”, A warm & inviting Surat Home by Dhanad Naik of Formidea Interiors

Source: Housethome

A simple home with a minimal approach extrudes calming vibes. This modest two-storey bungalow in Surat belongs to a retired couple. Being the only two permanent occupants of the place, they were looking for a peaceful and relaxing abode. Keeping this into consideration, the designers weave simple forms to cater elegance with minimalism creatively. Off-white flooring runs along throughout the house, which is also the colour of the walls. This neutral colour is balanced by the warmth of the natural brown veneer used in the furniture. Together, these colours reflected in the minimal material palette binds the whole home together.

The living room follows the overall monochromatic theme with a beige leather sofa, wooden partition with vertical louvres, the television console and the centre table. This is accentuated by the white wall in the back that has vertical grooves in the gypsum to add depth and character. The designers add beauty through little details like the brown pillows and customised paintings on the walls, accentuated with indirect light from the ceiling.

The kitchen is driven by functionality where natural granite becomes the platform. The overhead storages have laminated shutters in warm brown, whereas the tandems have concealed handles for ease of work.

The guest room in this three-bedroom home is an enchanting space.  A play in dark and light brown veneers in the walls efficiently highlights the bed. The room’s furniture has elegant details like the small puja that is marked through a floral CNC cutting in the furniture.

The couple’s son, who lives in the US, has a room for himself. His space is a work of art with a customised painting adding character. Along with the white and the brown, the designers introduce grey to break the monotony yet maintain elegance. A sliding wooden door acts as a partition to subtly separate the room from the dressing area.

The master bedroom is a sight of elegance. Like the son’s bedroom, this space has nuances of grey that highlights the overall palette of the house. The grey in this room is the composite leather panel that becomes the bed back placed in front of a grooved crème wall. The lit mirror by the side of the bed adheres to the rules of Vastu while adding beauty to the space. A line of wardrobes on the sidewall cleverly hide the door to the attached toilet. The hobbies and lifestyle of the inhabitants is reflected in the shelf lined with books.

The house, in all its glory, paints a picture of uncluttered elegance. The evergreen monochromatic colour, the uniform material palette, and the simplicity in design are soothing to the eye and create a beautiful harmony in this serene abode.

Design Firm : Form Idea Interiors
Styling Credits : Uplifting Depictions
Text & Credits : Prachi Khasgiwala



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