With a visually evident name entitled to this home in Bengaluru, House of Greens, a narrative on nature and its inspirations emerges. Tucked inside a gated community in the city’s Sarjapur Road, this four-bedroom dwelling stays true to its name, surrounded and connected with lush greenery, both visually and physically, at all levels. 


A beautiful Kochi home created by a couple that reflects India’s many design trajectories

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When you walk through the beautifully self-designed house of Anvitha Pillai, filmmaker-editor and Naveen Yadav, a cinematographer, you know instantly that these folks have done a lot of homework. Their style of living is intentional. Every piece of furniture and accessory is a well-considered item with its own interesting travel itinerary.

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Rickin Shah loves his diamonds. “As a diamantaire, he has a special love for natural and exotic stones,” smiles Namrataa Shetty—interior designer and one half of interior design firm Studio Namah—who, along with the firm’s other half, Neil Cresto, was tapped by Shah to give his Mumbai home a jewel-loving facelift.

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The blue-sky peeps through a thick canopy of trees to gaze at a quiet residence, home to a family of four generations. Nestled in Erode, Tamil Nadu, the abode celebrates imperfection amidst the seemingly perfect tropical landscape. Every element comes together to revel and discover the beauty in their flaws. 


The Breeze Home : A 1,940 Sqft stunning Art filled home, nestled in Urban Bangalore!

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Art plays a central role in our inspiration and process. It has a vital place in every interior and no space feels complete without it. We believe there is poetry in the tension of combining art, craft, colour, pattern and texture; the careful and intentional layering brings character and feeling to a home.


Relocating from the cosmopolitan address of Singapore to the culturally prolific city of Hyderabad, often referred to as the ‘city of pearls,’ a couple’s search for their private cove finally concluded at a 5,000 sq ft residence, nestled within the lush greenscapes of Banjara Hills. 


The homeowners wanted their second house, located in Gachibowli in Hyderabad, to offer a sense of comfort and rejuvenation. Adhering to this brief, Sona Reddy, principal architect atSona Reddy Studio, created a retreat where traditional elements merge seamlessly with modern aesthetics; a home for the family to entertain and unwind.


Naina Reddy and Rajat Sanghvi, founders and principal designers of MakeSpace Architects, decided to do up their own home in Hyderabad in a way that best showcased their personal style. The couple who recently became parents, moved into a 3,000-square-foot, three-bedroom apartment in a posh location in the city, and managed to decorate their home in a span of two-and-a-half months.

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MD Apartment, located centrally in Ahmedabad, is the house of a designer, designed to meet his specific requirements. Originally a two bedroom apartment, it has been converted into a Studio.

Stripping the space bare was the first stage of design. This meant removing all the partition walls, existing toilets, the kitchen and even the flooring.

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The brief required a House for a family of four on a 2,400 square feet site, located in South Bangalore. The clients aspired for a Contemporary design, iconic house in the locality that housed not only a living unit but also work and entertainment zones on different levels.


With the dawn of summer, all we can think about is peace and tranquillity. Sombre hues, fresh patterns, floral motifs and pops of pastel make for a perfect abode and the designers at Mirari Design Visuals have done just that! Hoori Meghani and Akhil Gujrati of the Pune based firm visualised this 2,000 sq ft abode with a distinct, clear and versatile pastel theme.