Artist, AV Llango : “An established artist, teaching art for more than 25 years”

Source: Housethome

From nothing everything starts. From a point it becomes a line then a form then solid and then nothing again. Space expresses itself as solid forms.” — A. V. Ilango. Ilango is considered the most sought-after contemporary artist. His creations in the initial stage was very much inspired by rural backgrounds. The unerasable impression is unavoidably visible through his paintings. To him art, culture, religion and rituals are the interlacing components of Indian daily life. There always exists a fine line between Indian aesthetics and Hindu rituals. Symbolism in traditional, visual and performing arts, depict the classical arts. It bears more appealing aspect for the broached and the learned. At the same time folk arts in incorporated by all in festivities. It is A. V. Ilango who has traced the bovine form and symbol as an idiom. These symbols and forms are very closely corresponding to man from prehistorical to the modern era.

But he is the man who has always attempted to explore different themes. During the early eighties, he used to portray darkness and obscurity of the urban realities of a bustling metropolis. Problems and poverty altogether stirred him as a person as well as an artist. Through his imaginative creations, the heaved priorities of urban living in South India in the form of cycles, rickshaws, lorries, bullock carts and swanky automobiles with shoving crowds are reflected. Acknowledging his work, the British Council Division of Madras nominated his as the artist for a Visitorship Programme in November 1992 and in 1997 Orient Longman, requested his participation to illustrate their prestigious publication, “Silapathikaram and Manimekalai”.

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