Artist, Bhuwal Prasad : “My works are expressionistic in Nature”

Source: Housethome

“There was a time when people of tribal areas use to camouflage them with the mask made out of whatever is available in their environment. As a cultural and traditional ritual this is the theme that I love drawing. I make them very colorful at times and other times, I would use blacks and whites. I like to use the elements of abstracts that gives a natural form to my creation plus this makes my work intuitive and not planned,you can say my instincts are raw. I’m turning everything traditional into a modern piece of art.

My works are expressionistic in nature. Bold strokes flow in automatic rhythms, capturing the mood and passion of the artist and innumerable minute strokes and daubing are created as a part of the central image as well as that of the background.

My work had Ancient stories recounted by grandmothers to the curious and attentive grandchildren in bedrooms sparsely lit up by weak lantern light, come alive. There is a fair amount of innocence in my paintings. They are not directed and registered by the careful division of space or discreet application of colors.” shares Artist Bhuwal Prasad.

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