Artist, Bratin Khan : “The renderings are poetic and the narratives mythical, folklore-inspired or religious”

Source: Housethome

Born in 1969 in West Bengal, Bratin Khan studied Painting at Visva Bharati University in Santiniketan under the guidance of some of the leading lights of the Bengal School. Marked for the refined handling of line work and palette, his painterly compositions, reflect influences of folk art and Bengal School.

The renderings are poetic and the narratives mythical, folklore-inspired or religious. His tempera on paper and colorful paintings on canvas as well as drawings exude a light that seems to emerge from within. His curvaceous and languid figures, often accompanied by a surrounding halo, are set amidst a natural habitat. The imagery features Buddha, Krishna, other legendry icons as well as pretty damsels and lotus flowers.

Exhibited in numerous solo and group shows, including those held at Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and overseas, his work has won him the Best Painting Award from the Indian Society of Oriental Art and Culture. His work has found a place in the Indian Parliament House in Delhi, Sony Electronics, Japan, Sonodyme, RPG Group and other collections in India, USA, UK, Mauritius, Indonesia and Germany.

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