Artist, Umakant Tawde : The Housethome Curated Art Series.

Source: Housethome

A young and budding talent in the world of Indian art, Umakant Tawade has already made his name as a contemporary figurative painter to be reckoned with. Fresh out of the Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art in 2002, armed with a Bachelor’s Degree, Tawade has already become comfortable on the Mumbai exhibition circuit and regularly shows his works. He does not have a solo show to his credit as yet, but even whilst he was in college, Umakant participated in several group exhibitions, including the prestigious Bombay Art Society show in 1999.

Although he won the prize in 2001 for ‘Best Landscape’ in his college, this artist is best known for his series of paintings that depict figures, with extremely expressive faces that show each one’s distinct and individual characteristics. The central monk-like figures seem to be involved in absorbing relationships with the others around them as well as with their environments.

Tawade’s lines are strong and insistent and his canvases ring with predominantly dark browns and ochres but do occasionally reveal bright patches of colour in the clothing or through a window. Still very fresh on the scene, Umakant Tawade is firmly on the path to developing a very individual style for himself.

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