The luxurious, eye-catching, 3,000 sqft, Cinnamon House, Hyderabad by F+S Designs

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Faisal Vohra & Shamila Meeran of the eponymous F+S Designs craft an eye-catching home for their client in Hyderabad with love & luxury. Spread across 3,000 SFT, the design vocabulary of this 4 BHK home reflects the metier of the firm- chic, contemporary and bespoke. The Cinnamon Home- so named owing to the keenness of the clients to curate the design with a palette of brown. Thus, the overarching motif of the project is largely monotone, with punctuations of brilliant color, along with a play of distinct materiality that stands out while also unifying around a common theme. Each item of furniture, lighting, art & decor has been carefully curated and customized to deliver a cohesive upscale experience throughout the home. Bathed with natural light on the 34th floor, and verdant landscaping indoors & outdoors, the designers have successfully translated their client’s aspirations into a narrative that sings of their vision.

Rich creamy leathers have been adopted alongside soft graceful fabrics (such as in the Living room). Walls in the main area have been treated with European brown wallpapers that evoke a tactile feel on touch, and go elegantly well blanc veneer treated in a nude polish.

In areas of accent pieces such as the lustrous console table on entering, the opposite wall has a contemporary boiserie of a matt deep oak as if an antithesis to the console. A yin for a yang. Rugs have been laid out to provide the warmth and visual gravity against the coolness and polish of the marble floor. And as you go through the home, you have the stimulating pop of green from the generous plantations- indoor & outdoor. 

In more intimate settings such as the Master bedroom, the treatment is restrained & elegant. Luxurious wallpapers in grey hues meet soft white walls, which are both in turn contrasted by a beautiful suede upholstered bed. Meanwhile, the more social space such as the Lounge gets a monolithic grey treatment on the walls & ceiling contrasted by the deep dark oak finish on the study & daybed.

The finishes and materiality of all furniture was taken into consideration while laying out the scheme of the entire home. You will find glossy surfaces married alongside matt finishes, fabrics that pronounce the atmosphere of a room and leathers & suedes that enhance the experience.

Homes exude the aspirations & dreams of the one’s making it, as well as the one’s designing. And when you get clients like Charitra Mehta & Aparna Mehta, you know you have found your perfect match to build a home that they will create memories in, for a long time to come! The journey of designing and making this house come alive has been a very special one for us. The warmth, generosity & encouragement we received from them was exceptional. We start with a sneak peak into our favourite space- the Living room!

On the left we have the Jean-Marie Massaud designed arm-chair whose stunning wheat-coloured leather architecture juxtaposes with the soft curves and cloud-coloured fabric upholstery on the beautifully voluptuous sofa by Poliform.

The custom painting by Shamila Meeran from the F+S Foundry, in the background ties the room together with its swirl of colours. A rug by Natuzzi completes the frame along with the luxuriant volume in the corner from the Raphis Palm.


This space is one that we call our own! Bathed in beautiful sunlight permeating the crystalline sheers, the Living room exudes class and certain joie de vivre. 

We love how the angled architecture of the two gorgeous armchairs flank the luxurious curves of the sofa, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poliform. At the center, we have the elegantly finished bronze coffee table adding the visual weight and breaking the monotony with the circular form. Don’t miss the superb blown glass compliments from Klove Studio on top of the table.

Art always elevates an ambience and here we have a painting from the F+S Foundry that adds depth and substance to the room. Bridging the distance between the sofa & the arm-chair at the deeper end, are monolithic metallic side-tables. Suspended in the corner is the billowy stacked wood veneer Link pendant by Ray Power. We don’t want to go back home!


The guest bedroom reflected from the beautiful three ringed mirror. Custom art on the wall is from F+S Foundry. 

Peaking into the Son’s room from the relaxing day-bed out in the balcony, under the canopy of a Temple Tree! We designed this room in two tons of charcoal & cream white. The charcoal band wraps from the west wall across to the east wall- where it provides a deep background to a wonderful shelving mechanism. 

Positioned asymmetrically between the two tones is the floating bed (the covers are concealing the design). We love the Cristina Croce designed Gemmy Prisma lamp suspended in the corner. Keeping the room bright is the abstract art from F+S Foundry.


The two-tiered taupe coloured shelving system hung by the deep burgundy leather straps is stunning! The south facing balcony on the right infuses the working area with heaps soft light that dance on the deep charcoal wall through the sheers.

Don’t miss the books and the art on the desk!

Canopied by the lush Temple tree lies the plush day bed along with a side table for the refreshing drinks while you read that captivating book, or just soak in the amazing weather.

We spruced up the walls with grey textured terrazzo tiles & warm walnut-coloured tiles on the floor.

The Pooja Room follows contemporary motif of the rest of the home. The folding doors open to a calm, uncluttered ambience refined by the marble in the foreground and wallpaper in the background.

Notice the door handles? They come from Studio Made customized for us. The beautiful items on the counter are from Studio Trataka.

The powder room gets a black treatment from Florim, with a customised vanity and a gold rimmed mirror.

Enveloped by (our love for) luscious green plantations, is the charming setting for a morning breakfast, an evening tea, or anything in between!

Have a seat, and fall in love- all over again!

How about relaxing on the swing while enjoying the company of the ones you love- whether they are outdoors or in? We had a swing customized to our requirements and suspended it at the focal point of the hall so that it facilitates & encourages communication across the common areas.

Spread across 3,000 SFT, the Cinnamon Home, was named due to the keenness of the clients to curate the ambience in a palette of brown.

The overarching motif of the project is largely monotone, with punctuations of brilliant color, along with a play of distinct materiality that stands out while also unifying around a common theme.

The splendid table with crystal-art top paired with leather chairs makes a great combination with the dining console of the same finish. Suspended atop the dining table are the gorgeous shimmering Tati Pendants designed by Arturo Alvarez. 

Bespoke art from F+S Foundry finds its place on top of the console along with an ivory sculpted stone table lamp. 

Walls are treated with La Velours wallpapers from Casamance that have a subtle interesting tactile feel, and it beautifully compliments our egg-shell hued veneer doors.

Always make a great first step! As you enter the Cinnamon Home, you are greeted with a beautiful glossy ribbed metal console that reflects that colors around it, and as such, changes colors through the time of day. It’s a great juxtaposition against the deep oak contemporary boiserie that camouflages the entrance to the powder room.

Lighting up the charming pattern on the Dining table are the Arturo Alvarez designed Tati pendants.

The stunning Dream bed from Poliform just owns this space with its suede & leather finishes. The wall has been treated with the Louvre wallpaper by Armani Casa for its fine linearity and beautifully elegant grey.


Who would want to go back to work if this was your work from home?

The stunning Dream bed from Poliform just owns this space with its suede & leather finishes. The wall has been treated with the Louvre wallpaper by Armani Casa for its fine linearity and beautifully elegant grey. Complimenting the setup is bespoke art from the F+S Foundry.

The Lounge gets a deep oak treatment with a customized day bed for the clients (who love to read while enjoying their panaromic vistas out of the window). On the right is a L-shaped work desk with suede wall panelling.

The deep grey single-tone lounge gets a cushy deep sofa for those relaxing evenings and sliding cocktail tables for the drinks!

The hall starts with the Dining, leading us to the beautiful swing which has been positioned centrally to act as the focal point of communication, and then extends onto the gorgeous balcony. The setup has been so designed so that members of the family can participate in a conversation whilst adopting various typologies of seating across the hall.

Fact File:

Carpet Area: 3,000 SFT
Rooms: Five- Living, Guest, Son, Master & Reading+Bar Room.
Furniture: Poliform, Lago, Alf Dafre, Cattelan Italia, Gamma, Ligne Roset, Le Comfort, Natuzzi
Outdoor Furniture: Talenti, Skyline, Mogg
Art: Bespoke originals from F+S Foundry
Décor: Oma, Elementry, Klove Studio, Dotto Objects, Studio Objectry, Studio Taamaa, Sage Living, Natuzzi, La Forma, Ripples Home, The Pillow Company,
Soft Furnishings: Orion Studio, Oma, Good Earth
Wallpapers: Armani Casa, Arte, Casamance. All sourced from Orion Studio
Floor & wall cladding: Mirage SPA & Florim SPA sourced from Casa Mia
Technical Lighting: Unique Lighting Solutions & HSN Luminaire
Decorative Lighting: Tati by Arturo Alvarez (Dining), Crystal Bulb by Lee Broom (Powder), Link by Ray Power (Living), Gemmy Prisma by Cristina Croce (Son). All sourced from Lights & You.
Plantation: Gamlaa
Paint: Asian Paints
Veneer: Kulture Hyderabad
Marble: Archean Hyderabad

Principal Designers: Faisal Vohra & Shamila Meeran
Team: Keerthana Meruva, M.A. Jaleel, Sadhvika V.
PMC: Sanjeevitha Bhagwat
Styling: Shruti Rastogi
Photographer: Ishita Sitwala



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