Artist, Ramesh Gorjala : The Housethome Curated Art Series

Source: Housethome

Contemporary Indian artist Ramesh Gorjala was born into a family of weavers, and at a young age he learned kalamkari art from his uncle. After mastering this traditional form, he went on to earn a degree in fine arts from Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University in Hyderabad. His original artwork now combines tradition and modernity with effortless ease, bringing gods and goddesses to life in a fresh approach.

Gorjala works with a delicate and intricate technique, portraying his spiritual take on the subjects of Indian mythology. His use of a palette dominated by gold, red and green creates a very rich and natural feel in each of his paintings, and the moods that he is able to create and convey add an antiquated yet contemporary dynamic to his work. His subjects, mainly the gods, goddesses and mythical forms of the South Asian pantheon, include Hanuman, Vishnu and Buddha, and are all painted with great sensitivity and attention to detail.

Ramesh Gorjala is an internationally renowned and highly sought-after artist. Some of his large-scale paintings are on permanent display at the Hyderabad International Airport, and his work is held in prestigious collections worldwide.

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