Artist, Satish Bhaisare : “Pulsating with energy & rhythm”

Source: Housethome

Viewing Satish Bhaisare’s works is an experience itself. Pulsating with energy and rhythm there is a trance like quality to Bhaisare’s linear canvases. This is both due to the vivid colours that he uses as well as due to his process of work. Working with acrylic pigments on canvas, he builds up the work using fine delicate strokes in slow, steady lines that lends a meditative feel to the work. There is a distinct urge in Bhaisare’s works to create forms that are oval, triangular or rectilinear. Yet the moment he articulates this desire, he also seems to erase it by dissolving the form into a mass of energetic lines. Hence there is a two-way process within Bhaisare’s works as his works are poised at the brink of coherence and incoherence, form and formless. He uses blues, alternating with blinding white or deep blue to create deep voids or towering spaces that create a multiplicity of effects. Ranging from the sonorous to the quiet and meditative, he creates infinite spaces that have a cosmic connotation.

Satish Bhaisare has a degree in Fine Arts from the Government Institute of Fine Arts, Indore. His canvases have been appreciated and showcased in several countries from Korea to Kuwait.

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