Artist, Shubhra Das :

Source: Housethome

Shubhra’s art is both classical and contemporary, characterized by the moods it evokes. There are elements of style, which brings universality to her work.

Shubra Das, an artist hailing from Delhi, studied Applied Arts at the College of Arts in New Delhi. She then went on to do her Masters in painting from College of Arts and Science in Agra. While she was doing her Masters, she experimented with a lot of materials and surfaces, which led to her to developing a unique style. A few pieces she created during her time in Agra paved the way for her future endeavours.

She started off by doing non-figurative pieces with oil on canvas, trying to portray the beauty of positive and negative spaces. Her work focused on the beauty of composition rather than very conceptual interpretations. She then brought in nudes into her style as they portrayed unadulterated and pure existence. Her art has a very narrative quality to it and it tries to showcase her life in the past, present and also tries to predict her own future. Shubra derives a lot of inspiration from nature because she believes that nature is not just the giver, protector and taker, but also the nurturer of life.

Her more recent works include birds as a new element as they portray freedom; their vivid colours are way of portraying the liberation from crises she had faced before. She takes a month to complete a piece, as each work of art has many layers of paint and requires careful planning before being executed. Shubra candidly acknowledges her husband being a major source of inspiration for her work. She paints because she finds personal fulfilment and it brings her close to spirituality.

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