Artist, Sekhar Roy : The Housethome Curated Art Series

Source: Housethome

Sekhar Roy is an artist who learned things from small incidents of his life. Unlike other children his childhood was not smooth for him due to some political and socio economic reasons.

He was uplifted by his Guru (mentor) late. Prof. Gopal Sanyal who helped him to love colors. Now his love for colors is easily evidenced in his paintings which incorporate bold and vivid strokes of bright colors. Apart from the use of bright colors in his artworks, Shekhar also enjoys the presence of Lord Krishna, the famous mythological character in his paintings. He found this divine character a perfect combination of love, passion and thoughtful mind and thus it became an identity for his paintings.

For serious enquires of Interest in this Artist’s work, kindly email us at or call us on 9118115511.



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